There are times in all of our lives when we experience challenging emotional situations. Sometimes, when these situations arrive we can benefit from the support of a person outside of our inner circle of family and friends. Whether you are struggling with an acute crisis, change, or loss in your life, or even if you are just feeling mildly but persistently upset, it can take a toll on all aspects of your life. Working with a psychotherapist is a process that lends itself to understanding these situations more fully − the goal being the resolution some of our inner turmoil and a higher quality of life.

Everyone can benefit from psychotherapy. No problem is too minor, common, severe, or unusual to be explored and healed. Some common reasons why people enter therapy include: anxiety and stress, depression, relationship problems, difficult family experiences, and transitional and phase of life problems. Other times, people use therapy as a way to answer some of life’s tough questions such as, “What is my purpose?” or “Why am I here?”

Beginning work with a therapist is a courageous step for anyone. When you decide to participate in therapy, you begin the practice of self-discovery, creating more room to live your life to its fullest potential.